Not getting any younger

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  I’m trying not to make this a habit, but it might be inevitable….oops!  At least it’s because I’ve been busy doing things, and not because I’ve been sitting around twiddling my thumbs (that only happens about 37% of the time).

Last weekend, my roommate and I decided to be spontaneous and took a day trip to Bruges for the Bruges Beer Festival (sorry, Dad).  I had heard a ton of great things about Bruges, and our day spent there definitely lived up to it.  I would describe Bruges as a typically European town, with many rustic touches, cobblestone streets, and beautiful scenery.  The beer festival wasn’t too shabby, either.  For €10 each, Sarah and I received a keepsake tasting glass and 4 tokens to try beer.  I was a little bummed, thinking that this would amount to 4 sips of beer, but no.  Each glass was filled to the brim (literally), and there were hundreds of beers to choose from.  We tasted our 4 beers, bought 2 more tokens (we had to take advantage of the beer festival!) walked around Bruges a bit, and went back for 1 more taste.  All in all, it was a really great outing.  We even happened to stumble on what we believe to be a middle school choir performing on the street (I’ll upload a video of it after this post).  I’d definitely go back, even more so if there were another beer festival going on!

Sarah and I at the Bruges Beer Festival

Sarah and I at the Bruges Beer Festival

The next big event after our beer-filled adventure was my birthday (!!!), which was last Thursday, the 7th.  I was a little bummed that I had to work that day and the next day at 8:00AM, but my students and the English teachers I work with made it so, so worth it.  Students I passed in the hallway (some whom I didn’t even know) wished me a happy birthday, and many of my students made me hand-written cards.  My favorite one was by a little girl who wrote, “I ♥ AMÉRIQUA!”  The English teachers also all pitched in and bought me a box of chocolates and a lovely little gift basked filled with bath soaps – I guess it’s time to take a bath then!

I don’t know why, but 23 sounds much older than 22.  Maybe it’s because it’s my first birthday celebrated after the end of college…I don’t know, but I feel old.  There are still things to look forward to, however, in my 23rd year!  We’ve got another vacation coming up in a couple weeks, and it’s going to be jam-packed: I’m visiting my host family in Dijon (I literally could not be more excited for this – my host family was the best), Sarah and I are traveling to Barcelona together, and at the end I’ll be spending a weekend in Florence, Italy with my little sister, Libby.  So it looks like 23 will be a good year after all!

In other news, school is still going well.  The one school that has the disciplinary issues still poses a problem, but I guess now it’s been enough time where it’s just easier to deal with.  Both my schools just changed my schedule so that I could spend time with other English classes, so it’s nice to see some new faces.

Many thanks to everyone who reached out and wished me a happy birthday – you all made my day very special!

À bientôt, mes chéris – and merci beaucoup!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Camera Roll for photographic evidence of my adventures!


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