Back in action

First off, an apology to those of you who have been asking about my blog (Grandma and Aunt Randie) – once you get in the habit of not posting, it’s really easy to keep doing that.  My laziness has certainly come out to play in the last month or so!  So let’s get started on this epic catch-up session.  Things that have happened since my last blog post:

1. School became a lot more difficult – I don’t know really know what happened here. It must be the water or something.  About three weeks ago, the teachers at one of my schools started talking more about how discipline was becoming more and more difficult, and they were noticing that some students seemed to have some more serious underlying problems.  There were instances of students threatening physical violence against teachers, and students who were having some serious issues at home.  The teachers had weekly meetings, and at one point even considered asking the parents of an entire class to come in for a group conference regarding the discipline issues (I don’t know if it took place or not).  However, things at my other school seemed, and still seem to be, going fairly well.  I thought that maybe students were acting out more because it was the week before vacation, and they were getting antsy.  I’ll be at the not-so-great school next week, so we’ll see.  Speaking of vacation…

2. I went back to California – As I’ve mentioned before, France has much more school vacation than America does, which is great.  The downside is that students have much longer school days – lasting from 8:00AM until 5 or 6:00PM in most cases, a very weird school week – no school on Wednesday afternoons, and school on Saturday mornings to make up for it, and a longer school year.  But let’s get back to that vacation I was talking about.  Throughout the French school year, the whole thing basically adds up to 2 weeks of vacation ever 6 weeks, so this was my second vacation.  And for this one, I got to go home, and it was so great.  I got to see my family and friends, and it really couldn’t have been a better vacation.  It was the perfect amount of time, and I was still excited to come back to Lille by the end of my time at home.  Of course, not everything could go perfectly.  Upon my arrival in Paris, I was convinced my bag had been lost in transit until it was the very last one to be unceremoniously freed from the pits of hell, otherwise known as baggage claim.

3. HUGE. SALES.  Sorry in advance, bank account (and Mom and Dad).  All of the stores in Lille (and actually across France) are currently having huge, enormous, larger-than-life sales.  And these sales aren’t like American sales, where you’ll see advertisements like: “Come to the Macy’s/Nordstrom/Bloomingdales sale from 1-1:15PM on the one day you absolutely cannot miss work/the day of your scheduled C-section/during your yearly check-up that you’ve already postponed thrice!!!  Everything is 7% off!!!”  No, these sales are different.  These sales last an entire month.  And stuff is seriously cheap.  Sarah and I ventured out to H&M and a French store called Pimkie today, and luckily I only bought a scarf.  I ain’t finished yet though!  Those sale racks will feel my wrath soon enough.

4. I had to see a doctor – I was really nervous about this one, since I had never needed to see a doctor in a foreign country before, and I also was really hoping my French healthcare would work (I don’t know why it wouldn’t, but I usually manage to think of every worst-case scenario and assume it will happen to me).  The doctor I saw was really nice and was able to give me the medicine I needed (yay!).  And because I’m under French healthcare, I will be refunded 23 of the 26 euros it cost me to see the doctor, and I only had to pay 2 euros for my medicine.  Sweet deal, right?!  

5. It snowed – Actually, scratch that.  It’s snowing.  As in, right now as I write this.  It only started snowing today (which is why Sarah and I only went to H&M and Pimkie instead of hitting up every store Lille has to offer), but it’s sticking to the ground and does not look like it’s going to let up anytime soon.  Ugh.  I’m sure the second I step out of the apartment I will fall flat on my face (or behindular region) and make a complete fool out of myself.  And it will be neither the first nor the last time I will embarrass myself in public due to the weather.  Wish me luck!


À bientôt, mes chéris, and this time I mean it! 


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