Rain, rain, go away….

Could you tell that it’s raining here?  It won’t stop!  And it’s so cold!  Can we all just take a moment to feel bad for poor little me who will be weathering (see what I did there?) below-freezing temperatures this weekend?!


For a California girl like me, this is pretty dreary.  There have been a couple days so far when my less-than-trusty iPhone has predicted snow, but to no avail.  Here’s hoping it holds off for a while yet!

Anyways, today, Wednesday, Sarah and I didn’t have work and we decided to make the most of it instead of doing what we normally do, which consists of a lot of sitting and very little leaving the apartment.  Today, we took a day trip to Dunkirk, in Normandy.  Dunkirk is on the most northern tip of France, and is also on the water.  These two factors combined made for one extremely cold day.  But it was worth it!  There’s not a ton to do in Dunkirk, but we learned a little bit at the tourism center.  I knew that Dunkirk played a large part in WWII (being in the Normandy region it played a large part in D-Day, and it was the very last French town to be liberated), but it also was important during WWI, and there are many memorials for both wars around town.  Since it is a port town, there is a maritime museum in addition to a museum commemorating British soldiers and WWII in general.  Unfortunately, these museums are closed in winter (why?!?!?) so we weren’t able to see them.  We did, however, climb to the top of the belfry, which gave us an incredible view of the town and the water.

A panoramic view from the belfry in Dunkirk

A panoramic view from the belfry in Dunkirk

I’ve always been immensely interested in the Normandy region, as my grandfather fought in WWII and landed in Normandy on D+17 (seventeen days after D-Day).  He never talked much about his experience, but when he found out that my parents were visiting Normandy during their trip to France in 2002, he sent them an e-mail detailing his experience there.  He landed in the Cherbourg Peninsula, which I discovered is not really close at all to Dunkirk (all the more reason to go back when the weather’s nicer, right?).  He and his battalion landed on one beach (Utah), but their artillery landed at another (Omaha).  Incredibly, most of his battalion were able to recover their materials and continue on through Europe.  I found out from my aunt that he and his soldiers even liberated a concentration camp, but we don’t know which one.  I am determined to get to Cherbourg before I leave France.  I’m going there, even if it’s the last thing I do!

Still, even though we weren’t able to see much of the things we were really hoping to see (the war museums), we had a great time nonetheless (despite the bitter cold).  It was so much fun just spending the day in a new place, seeing the sights and finding things to laugh about through the rain, hail (really though), and cold.



I hope to get back to Dunkirk and the rest of Normandy when it’s less frigid.  I’ll let you know how that goes!

À bientôt, mes chéris!  And don’t forget to check out my Camera Roll to see pictures from Dunkirk.


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