Reunited and it feels so good!


That’s Lindsay, on the left (for those of you who know me – duh.  For those of you who don’t know me – now you do).  She and I were neighbors throughout elementary school, middle school, and most of high school.  She is insanely good at soccer and just finished up a contract playing on a national team in Norway, and has a couple weeks to travel, and I was one of the lucky ones she came to visit!  It was so awesome to see her.  Who would’ve thought that 15 years after we became neighbors we’d be hanging out together in France?!  We certainly didn’t….

I wanted to show Lindsay everything Lille has to offer, and she came at the perfect time, since the holiday season is just starting to get into full swing on our side of the pond, and she was here on a Wednesday, when I don’t have work.  We visited the Christmas Market, which was opening for the first time that day.  And let me tell you, it is so cool.  There are tons of stalls selling regional food (lots of sausage and potatoes and cheese), candy, jewelry, chocolate, and other delicious unhealthy things.  There also were ponies that kids could ride through the market.  This is how I felt.


A verrrry tempting candy stall at the Christmas Market


My new pony friend!


The market even had a mailbox where kids could mail letters to Santa…how cute!

We walked a little bit more around Grand Place, which was full of people even though it was a Wednesday afternoon.  The Ferris Wheel has finally started up, but we both agreed like it was moving at a speed a little too fast for us and our (mostly my) fear of heights.  I took Lindsay through Vieux Lille, where we stopped for lunch and looked around some shops.  Most of what we saw was waaayyy too expensive for our taste (and budget), but it wouldn’t be an authentic visit without at least a little bit of shopping, so we managed to do some damage in the shoe department.

It was so nice to have another friend here.  We had so much fun together, and just sitting in the kitchen catching up on Los Altos goings-on was a great time.  I even got to jump in on a mini Skype session with her dad!

In other news, last week when I was working at my school in Halluin, I finally walked to Belgium.  It was only about 15 minutes, and I felt like Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember when she stands in two places at once (except it was daytime and I was by myself, so it was much less romantic).  Also, my teachers had said that it’s almost impossible to tell when you cross into Belgium.  Well, when I crossed into Belgium, there was a big sign that said Menen, and all the street signs and storefront windows and signs were suddenly in German.  It was pretty clear to me that I was in Belgium.  But it was cool anyways!  I’d definitely do it again.  No passport needed!

So now, what I have been trying to avoid thinking about: Thanksgiving.  Of course, all the teachers only wanted me to talk about Thanksgiving in class today.  I got many questions of why I wasn’t with my family, and if I was sad to not be with them.  I actually found it a little difficult not to get emotional at times.  Mostly when one girl summed up my situation with a simple, “you are forever alone, yes?”  But I will be home in a month, for two whole weeks!  I cannot wait.

À bientôt, mes chéris and Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Save some pumpkin pie for me 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Camera Roll to see pictures I’ve taken during my time here!


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