Fick Yeah America!



Oh, America.  America, the beautiful.  ‘Merica.  Les États-Unis.  I would say with a fair amount of certainty that a kind of obsession has been built up here over America.  There is a show (that I have never seen, but get asked about all.the.time by my students) called Hollywood Girls, and I’m constantly being asked if I know celebrities or if I have seen the real Hollywood sign.  My favorite part of this obsession, though, is the clothing stores.  There’s one called America Today 56th, and another one called Manhattan.




I’ve only ever been into America Today 56th (what is that even supposed to mean?!), but it obviously was enough to write (or attempt to write) an entire blog post about it.  Also, I tried to add a picture of the storefront, but if you enter America Today 56th into Google Images, the first result is a picture of Tim Burton holding some weird animal toy thing, and the rest of the results are even less helpful, if you can imagine.  Anyways, back to what I originally wanted to talk about (because I could go on about Tim Burton for a while…is he a genius or is he just crazy?!?!)…wow, off topic again.  Shocking.

ANYWAYS!  America Today 56th has partnered with some of the largest and well-known universities throughout the United States to bring France’s youth one step closer to their very own real-life American Dream.  America Today 56th sells sweatshirts bearing the names and crests of Vintage University, New York State, and Campus State, among others.  These three schools, dubbed the “almost-ivies” for their high levels of academic rigor, were all founded in 1989 (it was a busy year for founding universities) and are most famous for their Activities Departments.  It’s hard for me to talk in length about these prestigious institutions though, because they were all considered as “reach schools” for me, and as most of you know, I was rejected from all three.  It pains me to have to walk by the storefront every day and be bombarded with these images and have to face my failures, but that’s my own personal battle.  Le sigh.  Also of note, I saw a sweatshirt with some other reputable university’s logo (there were so many!) and its founding date of 1682, which was quite intriguing, seeing as the United States weren’t founded until 1776.  I guess someone had really good foresight…

The girls here also seem really into wearing scarves with the American flag on them.  It’s, like, totally in right now.  I don’t know if I could pull it off though…would that just make me a jerk?  It’s something that I only started seeing once I got here, but a brand that I saw frequently even when I was in Dijon was Franklin & Marshall University, whose athletics department apparently has so much funding that they can make sweatshirts in every color imaginable.  Also, I just found out through Google that Franklin and Marshall is an actual college, in addition to the unrelated European clothing line.  Curious…..

À bientôt mes chéris, and if anyone out there is starting their college search, don’t forget to keep Campus State, Vintage University, and New York State at the top of your list!


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