And this little piggy went “weeeeee” all the way home because she found some really fantastic bargains at the Wazemmes market


This photo (which I did not take) is a fairly accurate depiction of the market that takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday up the street from us.  As you may be able to gather, it is nearly impossible to move.  At all.  If you’re really intent on actually making a purchase at the market, you either need to get to the market when it opens around 8AM, or you need to have some sort of teleportation device (a portkey, perhaps) that allows one to move effortlessly throughout crowds.  Also, fun fact about Emily: Emily hates crowds.  Thanks Dad for passing that on to me, in addition to my neurotic punctuality, which I have to say I actually am quite proud of.  Ask me about it sometime.  

ANYWAYS, the market.  The market has everything.  And when I say everything, I’m talking gizmos and gadgets aplenty, whos-its and whats-its galore.  You want thingamabobs?  The market’s got twenty.  And for like, no money.  Well, having everything cost nothing would just be too good to be true.  But when my roommate Sarah and I needed to stock up our kitchen, the market was the first place we looked (and we went at 8AM, because we had a LIST and we didn’t want to deal with no crowds.  The THINGS on the LIST had to be BOUGHT!), and we were able to get a significant amount of stuff for a significantly low price.  As Charlie Sheen says, winning.  The market also sells food, cheese, flowers, clothes, bedding (even mattresses), shoes, hair products, toys, electronics, and everything in between, so can you imagine how great we’d do if we were on a mission to buy things other than kitchen stuff?!  God, that’d be so great.  We’d probably (aka absolutely) do this dance through the streets afterwards, seeing as we did spend an entire evening learning the moves in our kitchen. via YouTube tutorials.   And anything we weren’t able to get at the market we were able to find at other stores that are common in our neighborhood called destockages.  It’s like Costco, but in mini-mart version.  We also found a super cheap grocery store, LIDL (pronounced l’idéal, meaning ideal), and were able to buy food that is hopefully going to last us a looooong time.  We were able to stock our kitchen with supplies and food for around 100€ for the both of us combined.  Sometimes I think back on that or I look at the receipts and just feel all warm and fuzzy inside….le sigh.

So, long story short: if you find yourself in Lille on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday, go to the Wazemmes market.  It is magical (and crowded).  It’s also really nice to not feel like my money is disappearing before my eyes.  Still waiting for a credit card and a paycheck though…ughhhh.  Fingers crossed, and à bientôt mes chéris!



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