Mom, I knew you wouldn’t believe me if I simply told you I cook for myself now, so here’s photographic evidence. Exhibit A: brussels sprouts for dinner! And shockingly, no one was injured and nothing was broken or destroyed in the process.

Fick Yeah America!

  Oh, America.  America, the beautiful.  ‘Merica.  Les États-Unis.  I would say with a fair amount of certainty that a kind of obsession has been built up here over America.  There is a show (that I have never seen, but get asked about all.the.time by my students) called Hollywood Girls, and I’m constantly being asked if I […]

Where’d all the good people go?

Oh, that’s right, they went to Lille.  Where I live!  Super duper! People here actually look normal, and this is an unsettling phenomenon.  You know the stereotype of French women, that every one could pass as an haute couture model?  That’s actually true.  At least in my experience in Dijon and Paris it has been.  But can […]

And this little piggy went “weeeeee” all the way home because she found some really fantastic bargains at the Wazemmes market

This photo (which I did not take) is a fairly accurate depiction of the market that takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday up the street from us.  As you may be able to gather, it is nearly impossible to move.  At all.  If you’re really intent on actually making a purchase at the market, […]

The belltower in the center of Lille – the blue sky is deceiving, because it is colder than the night the Titanic sank and Rose was stranded in the ocean floating on a door that she totally could have shared with Jack.

Help! A pile of paperwork has fallen onto me and I can’t get up!

I had heard about French administration.  I had heard that it was difficult, and that there would be a lot to do, and that it seems like a neverending process of signing papers and sending people documents they didn’t ask for when you were sitting in their office with everything laid out in front of […]